Most commercial, government and some residential locations are required to have fire extinguishers on-site. However, for proper fire safety practices, it is recommended for anyone who owns, leases or rents a structure of some sort to keep one or multiple units on the premises at all times.

We work hard and around the clock to ensure you’re protected. Our professional team is waiting to hear from you. Our wide-range of fire safety products and services is perfect for any commercial or residential location! We are your source for all things fire safety.

The number-one rated fire extinguisher by Consumer Reports is the Sentry brand extinguisher by Ansul. As a factory-authorized Ansul distributor, Daytona Fire Equipment is proud to offer the Sentry line of fire extinguishers. From small hand held portables to large industrial models, we have the right extinguisher to meet your needs.

We service all major fire extinguisher brands:

Fire system brand-names we service:

Fire cabinet brand-names:

  • Ansul
  • Kidde
  • Badger
  • Amerex
  • Pyrochemm
  • Ansul
  • Kiddle
  • Amerex
  • Pyrochem
  • Range Guard
  • Kitchen Night
  • Larsen’s
  • Cato
  • Thomas Industries
  • JL Industries
  • BECO

There are many different types of fire extinguishers, find the best fire extinguisher for your restaurant or business with our fire extinguisher guide. ... and terminology so that you know how to choose a fire extinguisher that's right for you.

Fire Classes Explained

It is important to note that all fires are not the same. Fires can be fueled by a variety of different materials and, for that reason, are divided into different classes. It is important that you understand these classes so that you can make an educated purchasing decision when selecting your new extinguisher.



Fires fueled by organic, combustible materials such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and many plastics. These fires pose a risk to restaurants with wood-burning stoves, campgrounds, and other outdoor venues.


Fires fueled by flammable liquids, combustible liquids, petroleum greases, tars, oil-based paints, solvents, lacquers, alcohol, and flammable gases. These fires can be prominent in gas stations, bars, and chemistry labs.


Electrical fires involving energized electrical equipment, such as short-circuiting machinery and overloaded electrical cables. These are a danger in breaker rooms, server rooms, or any area with a high volume of electrical equipment.


A major danger in restaurant kitchens, Class K fires occur in cooking appliances that utilize a flammable cooking media such as vegetable or animal oils and fats.

Fire Extinguisher Models and Types

Stored Pressure Dry Chemical Extinguisher

Dry chemical extinguishers are designed for protection of light and ordinary hazards. These compact and portable extinguishers are suited for both industrial and commercial fire protection needs. Found virtually anywhere a general-purpose fire extinguisher is needed, SENTRY dry chemical extinguishers are ideal for schools, offices, auto repair facilities, warehouses and many other applications.


K-GUARD Fire Extinguisher

We are pleased to announce that the ANSUL K-GUARD Fire Extinguisher is now 2-A: K rated. Choose ANSUL K-GUARD as your preferred restaurant fire extinguisher and meet NFPA 10 solid fuel cooking requirements for a firebox size of 5 ft3 or less. This upgraded 2-A rating also means compliance with NFPA 10 fire extinguisher size and placement for Class A Hazards which means you can protect the kitchen area without additional extinguishers needed. 

Newer, more efficient cooking appliances, plus the use of non-saturated cooking oils, require a fire extinguishing agent that will not only smother a fire but also provide a cooling effect.

Rated for Class K fires, K-GUARD Fire Extinguishers are designed specifically to fight some of the toughest fires—hot grease, cooking oil and fat fires in the kitchens and food-prep areas of restaurants, convenience stores, food courts, hospitals, school cafeterias and other facilities. Typical appliances that benefit from K-GUARD protection include fryers, griddles, ranges, broilers, char-broilers, woks and more.

K-GUARD extinguishers contain ANSULEX Low pH Liquid Fire Suppressant, a specially formulated, aqueous solution. In addition to knocking down the flame and forming a vapor-securing blanket, ANSULEX agent provides a cooling effect that aids in extinguishment and securement of hot cooking fuels. (ANSUL Low pH agent is used in both the K-GUARD extinguishers and R-102 restaurant fire suppression systems.)



ANSUL® CLEANGUARD hand portable extinguishers contain DuPont FE-36® where the agent must be clean, electrically nonconductive, environment friendly, extremely low in toxicity, and exceptionally effective.

Typical applications include computer centers, data/document storage areas, control rooms, communications facilities, electronics manufacturing, museums, art galleries, laboratories, and many others.

NEW CLEANGUARD Non-Magnetic Model now available for MRI rooms, operating rooms and other similar applications.


ANSUL® RED LINE cartridge-operated extinguishers

ANSUL® RED LINE cartridge-operated extinguishers are the premium firefighting units preferred by safety directors in high fire-risk industries. Cartridge-operated means increased reliability, on-the-spot recharge and ease of service.

Typical applications… fuel loading racks, heavy construction sites, dip tanks, oil pumping stations, mining equipment, paint lockers, trucks and buses, fuel storage rooms, production lines, and others.


Red Line Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

ANSUL® RED LINE wheeled extinguishers are designed to protect high fire-risk areas where the potential for large fires exists. These heavy duty units have greater extinguishing agent capacities than portable extinguishers, yet are highly mobile and can be fully operated by just one person. Available with dry chemical, foam, carbon dioxide, and special dry powders. Typical applications… airports, loading docks, steel mills, paint spray booths, offshore platforms, heavy manufacturing areas and others.











Ansul Stored Pressure Portables Group
High-Flow Stored-Pressure Fire Extinguishers

High-Flow, Stored-Pressure Fire Extinguishers are designed specifically for commercial, compliance markets. This portable fire extinguisher provides cost-effective, high performing fire suppression to meet the requirements of NFPA 10 Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers.

Industrial Dry Chemical Extinguishers
industrial dry chemical extinguishers are designed for protec­tion of light, ordinary, and extra high hazards. These extinguishers are built to survive in harsh, corrosive environments, such as the mining and chemical industry  or in marine environments.   Auto repair shops, electrical equipment rooms, machining operations, material handling vehicles, warehouses, hotels, banks, offices, and schools are other applications.
Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers
Every year, a variety of incidents lead to fires that cost businesses their critical assets. SENTRY carbon dioxide extinguishers provide the power to respond quickly and effectively by design to protect against Class B and Class C fires. These extinguishers are well suited for indoor use in furnace rooms, printing presses, pump rooms, electrical power panels and laboratories where winds and drafts do not affect discharge.
Water Extinguishers
As with other stored pressure fire extinguishers in the SENTRY brand product line, SENTRY Water Extinguishers are designed to extinguish Class A hazards only.  Class A hazards such as wood, cloth, trash, and other materials that leave an ash are often found in office environments and industrial locations, as well as warehouse and oxidizing 




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